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Puppy cuddlers!

It is veterinary nurse month! Rumour has it we are professional puppy cuddlers! Alas, this is not true! However, we will always comfort your pets as well as the many tasks we are trained to do. You have probably seen us walking by in the practice, assisting the vet with a consult, or met us in the consulting room while we vaccinate your puppy or apply flea treatment. But who ...

What’s that on your scrub top?

Living with a Veterinary nurse certainly leads to some interesting conversations. The first week of living together consisted of me asking; how many puppies did you cuddle today? How many noses did you ‘boop’? Can you bring the cute one’s home? I’m still waiting on that last one. I, like many, had this romantic vision of what this industry was about. Vets do the messy jobs, nur ...

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