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Cliff Dangers!

Summer is finally here! With the stunning weather lots of us flock to beautiful Pembrokeshire, particularly the coast and its walking routes. Like any good walk it is great to be able to take your dog along too. If you do, please remember that the cliff top walks along the coastal path can hold dangers for your pet dog. During summer months we have seen many serious injuries fr ...

Jake's journey

One of our clients has written us this lovely piece about her dog Jake's emergency spinal surgery, and subsequent recovery, including rehabilitation in our hydro treadmill with Becky in Fishguard.  Thank you Pip for your article. "We spotted Jake when he was 4yrs old, on the Many Tears Dog Rescue website in late October 2011. He was with the same fosterer in Northamptonshire a ...

5 steps to preventing dental disease in your pet

Cleaning- The simplest and most effective way to help keep your pet’s teeth clean is to brush them. You can introduce tooth brushing at any stage, but it will take time for your pet to get used to it. For hints and tips on how to get started, have a look at our website. The nurses in our practice also run free dental care workshops where you can come and learn the best tec ...

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