Digital Mobility Assessment

Receive a Free Digital Mobility Assessment for your Dog

Did you know 40% of dogs have osteoarthritis, and that it isn’t just old or large dogs that suffer?  Unfortunately, as they can’t say they’re in pain many of these pets suffer in silence. Therefore, it’s important that you understand how your pet might be trying to tell you that something is wrong and that you learn to look out for the signs of osteoarthritis.

At Oak Veterinary Group we can offer the following services to help with osteoarthritis and mobility; therapeutic laser, acupuncture, radiography, intraarticular injections and weight management clinics, we also have an in-house physiotherapist and offer hydrotherapy with an underwater treadmill.

To help you identify the signs of osteoarthritis, we’ve teamed up with our partners at VidiVet to offer you a free video consultation. VidiVet offers expert veterinary expertise via its app. If you would like a free arthritis assessment for your dog, simply click the link below, download the VidiVet app and send them a video of your dog to get started.

Click here to visit VidiVet and get started.

For tips on how to take a good video of your dog watch this short video


T&C’s – The VidiVet app is available free of charge to Oak Veterinary Group clients for 12 months. After the initial consultation from VidiVet, any additional treatment or consultations will be charged for by Oak Veterinary Group.